Species of Spaces 2014

A preview of Species of Spaces a 5 channel video piece (10 channel audio) commissioned by the Biennale of Sydney.

Filmed over a year in the disused industrial spaces of Cockatoo Island Species of Space is a response to the monumental materiality of the island with small simple gestures and improvised actions that sound the island’s varied spaces, materials and constructions then catalogues them. So the island and its objects are read as a kind of score, their shapes and abilities suggest actions and these actions are tested against this materiality.

I'd like to thank the Biennale;  it’s staff, board and sponsors and the artistic director.

This work was withdrawn because of The Biennale’s sponsorship arrangement with Transfield a company that profits from and provides material support to the Australian Government’s offshore mandatory detention of Asylum Seekers.

It is shown now because of the end of this sponsorship arrangement and in the spirit of good faith with the Biennale.

I'd like to state that I stand in solidarity with asylum seekers and their resistance against offshore mandatory detention, a policy that contravenes United Nations conventions on human rights.