Film No. 9 (Don't Worry Love) 2014

Response to Yoko Ono's score Film No. 9 (Don't Worry Love) made for Experimental Universe Curated By Other Film at the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney 2014.  

My interpretation is 3 concurrent shots stretched from 20 seconds to 9 minutes.

"Film No. 9 (Don't Worry Love) 2 hr. to 45 mins. Colour highspeed camera synchronised sound. This is a love message we send from England to all over the world and to the future. The idea was conceived from the fact when a star blinks, we only conceive it 2000 years after it's actually blinked. And that they say that the love we feel now is the love that's been conceived by some- body 2000 years ago, or that somebody in the corner of the world is sending love vibrations just to keep us in love, etc. The film will be 20 seconds each shot of people smiling and saying "don't worry love", but because the shots are done in highspeed, each smile would actually be synchronised to the highspeed motion so that what you actually hear would be a strange elongated version of "don't worry love". I hope this film will make the whole world a shade happier and rosier, and that our smile would encourage people of 2000 years later, just as the blinking of stars. It is actually a film that would be most effective if it's seen in our great, great grand- children's time. We must get a galaxy of people with strong good vibrations to smile in this film-people who represent our age."