Spectral Light and Pressure Changes

Instrument for Multiple Musicians, 2010  

Instrument for Multiple Musicians, 2010 (video still)

Proposition for Synthesizer (Act, Mishap, React, Repeat) 1 to 3, 2011

 Propositions for Disfunctional Ensembles, 1 to 3, 2010

"Whilst the title of Nathan Gray's latest show “Spectral Light and Pressure Changes” describes raw, impersonal phenomena, the works encourage the opposite; an intimate experience of sound and colour which focuses on the quality of perception and the problem of interaction.

A mixture of old and new works, the centrepiece is a table with various materials drilled into its surface. The tabletop is amplified with the intention that the viewer/user experience the sound and feel of these materials in a heightened, literally amplified way. This work is accompanied by a video of the artist and his partner improvising a performance on the table/instrument.

Along the walls are two-dimensional works on plywood and paper that use a heightened colour palette. Painted using enamel, oil and water based paints, salt and soap crystals, these opposing materials interact, repelling or attracting one another without mixing. They are painted as a series of accidents and contingent solutions to these accidents, both blueprints for, and depictions of, hypothetical musical works."

Opening Thursday 14 April, 6pm-8pm

Nathan Gray: Spectral Light and Pressure Changes
April 14-May 1
@ MR KITLY gallery
Upstairs, 381 Sydney Road