In the year 2525

Everything You Think Do and Say is in The Pill You Took Today, 2011, installation  

Won’t Need Your Eyes 1 to 9 , 2011, ink drawing on paper, 31.5 x 24cm

Nobody's Gonna Look At You, 2011, ink on paper, 69 x 50cm

Inspired by the writings and predictions of futurist/entrepreneur Ray Kurzweil and social critic/terrorist
Theodore Kaczynski (the Una Bomber) both of whom predict that we are inexorably approaching a period of
technological growth so rapid that it will radically alter humanity, making humans hyper intelligent,
effectively immortal and indistinguishable from their technology. The two have vastly different
interpretations of this event, Kurzweil is actively promoting the technological changes and life extension
techniques proposed by this prediction, whilst Kaczynski is serving life in prison for his campaign of
bombings against science intellectuals with similar interests to Kurzweil in an attempt to stop these

This end-of-history event is commonly referred to as The Technological Singularity. The term was coined
by science fiction author Verner Vinge who in his 1993 essay remarked “I'll be surprised if this event
occurs before 2005 or after 2030”. The title of Gray’s exhibition is derived from the 1969 Zager and Evans
song of the same title, which predicts a humorously dystopian future. It was number one in the UK during
the moon landing of the same year.