AIF - closing / book launch / snawklor gig

An Infinity of traces upstairs at Studio 12, gertrude contemporary art spaces closes this saturday and Dylan and I (Snawklor) will be playing a live electro-acoustic set.

With Snawklor playing 3 different types of set at the moment each geared to the style of event and type of sound system. Its a very nice thing to be able to play in a gallery space. the volume is decreased and the audience becomes that little bit more focused. The small sound system seems to be the only time we can safely use mics without the threat of feedback so we have a lot more freedom to be quieter more detailed an delicate. Add to that that studio 12 is a ridiculously reverberant space and that the fact that the installation is built around a balinese gamelan xylophone made massive chunks of smelted brass and you can see the potential.  Should be special.

This is also the launch of the recourse book for the show; "Kebyar Library" layed out by Edward Davis. Its a collection of resonances that the show dredged up for me, lots of avante-guarde composers having eastern epiphanies, geological processes and kids.

Snawklor Gig/Kebyar Library Launch 
3pm, July 18th
studio 12 (upstairs)
Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces 
200 Gertrude St. Fitzroy