An Infinity of Traces

A new show entitled "an infintiy of traces" in studio 12 at gertrude contemporary art spaces from the 26th of june.  My studio is just across the hall so come and say hello if you like.

An Infinity of Traces is a fantastic assemblage built on top of a gamelan xylophone. It uses paper rope, various types of wire, styrofoam and xylophone keys smelted in bali and tuned in the Kebyar scale. Its a kind of meditation on the influence of gamelan on westerner's fantasies (my own included). I realize this warrants a lot more writing and I will endeavour to geta round to it soon in the meantime I have included with the show is a zine entitled "kebyar library" which charts the show's influences and resonances. It is published by HMpress and will be released with performance by snawklor during the show details soon. Below are some selections from the zine.


gate, monkey forest, Ubud Bali
non indonesian gamelan orchestras

Lamonte Young and Guru Pandit Pran Nath