Theorist Training Camp/Practice Piece

West Space
Level 1, 225 Bourke Street
Melbourne, Vic, 3000

Exhibition Dates
21 Sep 2012 - 12 Oct 2012
Wed-Fri 12-6pm Sat 12- 5pm

Friday 28th of September 6:30 pm

Theorist’s Training Camp/Practice Piece takes the preparatory practices of working out, study and music practice and adds them together to form a single complete action, an open performance, made by the audience themselves. The work is a space divided into reading, exercise and music zones all inspired by the DIY culture of Jogjakarta, Indonesia where the work was initially developed and shown.

Nathan Gray is an artist and experimental musician whose spatial compositions draw explicitly on contemporary and experimental music practices.
On Friday 28th the work will be performed by specialists, art theorists, gamelan musicians and athletes will come together to perform the various activities invited by the installation.

The artist would like to thank Asialink, Cemeti House, Arts Victoria and the Australia Indonesia Association for their assistance in the development of this work.