ADSR (redo)

Photos above by Tanja Milburn below by me.
(This post replaces the 2 previous posts concerning this show)
Attack Decay Sustain Release
17th of September from 17th of October
31 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000

catalogue essays by Francis Plagne, Jared Davis, James Deutsher, Simon Taylor and Helen Johnson download here or free at the show 

The show is called ADSR or Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release after the four factors used in sythesis to control the amplitude envelope (the shape of a sounds volume). These words used in their more general sense say something about the process of working.

This set of works coincides with a recent interest in synthesisers and the modular way they make different sounds from a singular set of processes. As well as a recent interest in materials and processes in sculpture and drawing.

The sculptural works were designed at the same time as a sound piece which will be presented in four channel and which also moves episodically from bass tones which progress through a series of filters and to form the higher tones. The piece moves between the raw synthesized piece and a version of the piece recorded in the space, mapping spatial changes. A sample can be downloaded here