Secretion Erosion Conjunction

Nathan Gray and Alex Vivian

Finding a way to work together. First there is a gap. Does a gap need a bridge?. A gap is after all a sort of link because it must be between things whose proximity implies a relationship. There is a knot of ideas here, so maybe not a gap, but a collection of ideas too intertwined to be isolated, proximity issues again. There is something we have in common, lets not dissect it lets elaborate on it.

We have both indulged in weird fantasies for a while, some visceral, sexual, gross and some material, elaborate and palely utopian. In the show we make a link (gap) between the body and geology. There is a melting together here, a merging. A loss of borders between the body and the world. A melding of bodies and minds, not a communion but a nauseating loss of self. A loss of gravity. An insipid optical illusion.

This is collection of objects both startling and crummy. And a collection of gaps (links) between objects. A collection of weak jokes and crap magic tricks. It doesn't matter that you can see through the special effects. We all need shifts in our realities but you're too old for real epiphanies and too smart to trick. Its all an ineffectual effort to blow your mind. We hope you appreciate the effort.

hope you can all make it contact me if you have any questions

Secretion Erosion Conjunction
Alex Vivian and Nathan Gray 
May 1st to 22nd
Rear View Gallery 
(at the rear of) 
244 Smith St. Collingwood
(Discount Chemist Wharehouse)
enter from Stanley st
open wed - sun 12-6pm