Tudo Que Australia/Brasil

(last days open from the 5th to the 15th of january by appointment only)

Nathan Gray / Tudo Que Acho

December 4 – 20 2008
Opens Thursday Dec. 4, 6pm
Nathan Gray spent two months in Brazil producing a body of work entitled ‘Tudo Que Acho’. In English the title translates as ‘Everything I Think’ but in Portuguese it has a double meaning because to think and to find are the same idea. So the title is a pun on the the act of collecting to form and inform perceptions, a blurring of the boundaries between experiences and ideas.

Itaparica Island, Bahia the setting of the piece is a stronghold of Afro-Brazilian culture. Despite slavery's attempted decimation, African cultural practises still dominate though synthesised with Catholicism and mutated to suit the Brazilian environment. Magic, multiplicity and movement have been bred by the landscape and the ocean.

Resisting sensationalism Nathan relied on his experiences rather than research to understand this highly charged atmosphere, approaching Itaparica with a variety of strategies. Documenting, drawing, mapping, imitating and collaging together works inspired by altars and rituals, the wind and tides, local craft and materiality.

This set of experiments became an installation linking these elements literally. Drawing comparisons, creating lines of movement flowing in and around his open air studio and out into the garden. These disparate elements are linked together, mapping a flow of ideas and defining the perimeter of a zone of concepts-in-confluence in which Itaparica, as he saw it, existed. A zone in flux agitated by the wind, frequented by animals and used a setting for music and improvisation.

Nathan Gray is a Melbourne based artist whose practice shifts between art, music, print and performance. Recent exhibitions include Quem Viu ao Vento? at Galeria Canazares, Brasil (2008), The Fruiting Body at Black and Blue Gallery (2008), Mirka@Tolarno presented by ACCA (2008), Love, Purity, Accuracy at Utopian Slumps (2007), and The Fold at Joint Hassles (2007). www.undodesign.com

This exhibition of drawings, collages, objects and films opens on Thursday December 4 at 6pm.

For more information or press images contact Warren Taylor on 03 9654 1534 or info@thenarrows.org

Exhibition supported by
Hyperdyne Pty. Ltd.
Instituto Sacatar
The South Project Inc.
Australia Council for the Arts


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