The Fruiting Body

Press Release says;

"The Fruiting Body"

by Nathan Gray

The mushroom (fruiting body) is the terrestrial expression of a vastly larger subterranean organism...

Nathan Gray attempts to create works which are optimistic, dynamic and festive, brightly coloured improvised assemblages that incorporate sculptural experiments, screen print and drawing, works that are inclusive of many areas of endeavour rather than singular honed products and that privilege the handmade, improvised and accidental. Space, colour, density, appropriation and collaboration are all approached from Nathan's musical background.

The Fruiting Body” is inspired by travels to Bali and the palm leaf weavings that are used as daily offerings and then discarded. The show incorporates photos of small-scale sculptures offered/littered/installed in natural settings and playing upon ephemeral phenomena like fungi, plant parasites, water, fire and light, sculptures which defy the archival imperative and satisfy the artist's urge to destroy his own work. “The Fruiting Body” is a small expression of a much larger field of ideas.

Here, ‘minimal was maximal’. In the oeuvre of an ardent anti-minimalist, there is no space for simplicity amongst such gargantuan-scaled, gallery-sprawling installations, nor between the intricately interwoven lines of immaculately executed prints and drawings. But the intent is the same: to offer an opportunity for a transcendent experience, a drugless psychedelia, an experience that can then be added onto a long list of references for providing the basis for further creation.

From “No Revolution, No Suicide” by Chhar Daka Chan.

Opens Thursday 17th. From 6pm

Black and Blue Gallery 302/267-271 Cleveland St.
(corner of Elizabeth St.)
Redfern NSW Australia 2016.

Opening Hours:
Thursday-Sunday. 11am - 6pm.