Love, Purity, Accuracy

Love, Purity, Accuracy
Installation and drawings by Nathan Gray.

Opening Friday 19 October

Until Sun 11 November

At Utopian Slumps
5/25 Easey Street Collingwood
Gallery Hours: Fri-Sat 12-6pm
Other Times By Appointment: 0403 009 291

Exquisite Whispers
During the show audience members will be invited to re-draw one of the artists drawings their drawing will then take the place of the original and the next audience member will be invited to draw the last persons drawing. A game of chinese whispers on paper will play out through the duration of the show with all of the works being exhibited on the closing night. Paper and drawing materials will be provided

Closing Party
Sunday 11th 6pm
Exquisite Whispers sub exhibition
Music from Snawklor and Jarrod Zladic

Snawklor is a long standing collaboration between utopian alumni Nathan Gray and Dylan Martorell, a blissed out synth-scape of found sounds, drones and fields that phase and pitch contorting into a hallucinogenic ecology. An analogue to both artists' visual work.

Jarrod Zladic (of Fabulous Diamonds and Oh Belgium) makes solo improvised keyboard pieces whose nearest point of reference would be Cluster or Terry Riley if it weren't so unique. Its nostalgic and futuristic at the same time. Complex phrasing keeps splitting from the central mass, time lagging and shedding skin after skin. Looping out of time with its self, tripping upwards. These pieces are infinitely dense but weightless, pure and resolute they express big things but in a concise unlaboured way.