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people have been requesting more info about the show so...

The show was initially intended to be my own version of a museum exhibit. I went to the osaka museum of ethnology recently and was blown away. All the best parts of all the cultures of the world were mixed together, masks costumes musical instruments weapons and rituals. It was a completely different approach to a contemporary australian museum. I tried to recreate some of the energy of this place by making my own masks and tools, but instead of being in some way ethnological, I realized how much I was being influenced by album covers and band posters. I guess this is my culture .

The work is a collection of collages. The exhibition is a (very) abstract representation of a fictional neolithic village with shelter tools musical instruments masks and decorations all made from paper that I've hand inked dyed, marbled or screen printed. As always it deals with my continued investigations into display and composition, the psychedelic and unseen, music, energy and colour.