jah jah sphinx, peloton and snawklor

Been spending/wasting/killing/augmenting a lot of time on posting on and looking at this pictures only blog by a lot of melbourne artists. Purile and sublime by turns.


Also have a work ina group show at peloton gallery, a show of A0 sized works curated by Warren Taylor of my favourite gallery in Melbourne right now; The Narrows. The idea comes from crossing out letters of the name "the narrows" to get "ThenA0".

PELOTON GALLERY: 19 Meagher Street Chippendale (Sydney) NSW

Further more my almost decade long (actually next year its 10 years) musical collaboration with dylan martorell "Snawklor" is finally almost ready to put out our next cd and so as a primer we have put up for download our last 3 albums. Go here and get em .