More Trouble

Well its over. Terrarium has finished well and truly. Last day was a mini celebration an unveiling of Aggregation No. 2 a temporary wall peice which I installed during the show and some music from Ian Wadley, Mof fah rah and Snawklor (my band, see entry below somewhere)all quite good I thought.....

Aggregation No. 2 was an assemblage made from catalogues from the show, screen printed paper, cardboard, wax, plasticine, fishing line and cocktail umbrellas. An experiment with with assemblage in which I started from two cental points and worked my way out using the same materials on each side but in different ways, unfortunately I only have a working shot of one of the sides in a very early stage see above.

Thanks extend to Gertrude Street staff and all the people who helped out Matt Valdman especially, you all helped to get me through electrical faults, manic windchimes, leaky ceilings, art theft and ultimately the failure to get a photo of "Aggregation No. 2" before it was destroyed, now its lost in time unless by chance someone has photo somewhere?