second gardenesque aggregation

Pictures are on their way of how I set up the Terrarium show. During the installation of the work it changed considerably from the rudimentary way I organized it in the photo on the entry page. The purpose of this set up which was to display the individual elements in a photograph. In the exhibition I added more elements and made a vastly more complex arrangement. Arranging them was a kind of playful process one which i think relates well to my drawings, where I begin from a single point and work out adding a large amount of simple elements to form a complex whole.

This is a process I'm going to call "aggregation". Its a word which when used in a biological context means to form a cluster like in mould which is a large congregation of tiny organisms. As I understand it, moulds form in a similar way to my drawings starting from a central point and working out. This is because the spores drift in a basically random fashion and attach to any cluster they come into contact with. So "Gardenesque Aggregation" ended up being the title of the cluster of small objects as it exists in the exhibition.

I will be in the gallery space from 11pm on each tuesday in september 'til the show closes (thats the 5th, 12th and 19th of )working on a second "Gardenesque Aggregation" this time a 2 dimensional one on the wall. I will also be answering any questions anyone has about my work. Everyone is welcome. There will also be a low key closing to show off the wall piece in its finished form.